The purpose of this blog was originally to argue against passing ObamaCare.  Now that purpose has shifted to repealing the bill as passed, or at least to greatly reducing the ability of the Federal bureaucracy to implement regulations that will effectively destroy health care in America . 

This blog also attempts to counteract the lies and misrepresentations that have been used to foist this system on a Public largely misinformed by mainstream media.  Lies such as those told by the “cracker fulminator,” Dem, Florida.  Ironically, it is not the opposition Party, as he claimed, but rather his own Party’s Affordable Care Act that encourages us all to “Die Quickly!” – for the good of the State no less!!!   (What a  soulless swine!  – Florida really needs to get another Congressman – one that I won’t be ashamed to name).

My background is as Public Health Professional who has worked on writing Federal laws and regulations for the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (which regulates medical devices).   My experience within the bureaucracy tells me that when ObamaCare is implemented, we will finally see the incredible details of the system as tens of thousands of pages of regulations will tie down every aspect of coverage, payment, treatment, access etc.  And this will not just be for entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid – the private plans will also be tightly controlled.  Outside of your initial choice of plan, personal freedom regarding health care could  be virtually nonexistent, and the traditional doctor-patient relationship could go the way of the dinosaur.

I know it is unpleasant for Americans to consider that their Government will choose bureaucracy, ideology, redistributionist goals requiring reduced access to health care, and special interests over the ideals of “personal choice,” and “Public Health,”  but  all the legislation, and the organizational cadre, and the payment schemes being studied, and the funding methods, indicate that this is indeed the direction that has been chosen.

All a free people can do is to resist oppression with the legal tools provided by our society.  I hope you will join me in this struggle.

The Skeptic


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