Dr. Gruber Video: Patients “Face Higher Cost Sharing” under ObamaCare

As you all know, Jonathan Gruber says he is not the architect of ObamaCare.  He only got paid millions to visit the White House about 20 times, and visit Congress, and drink coffee with the nice people – lol.  Here is a clip from my new Jonathan Gruber video:



This statement was made in response to a question at a medical symposium in 2011.  The question was basically “If we purposely raise patient costs to discourage overuse of healthcare, won’t patients get angry?”  The complete YouTube version of this video with explanatory captions is included later in this post.  But even from the short clip you can see that Dr. Gruber is fairly enthusiastic about the new “high deductible” insurance plans.  What he isn’t saying explicitly is that employers have been forced into these plans by ObamaCare.

The increased cost of the new beefed-up coverage now required for employees makes it impossible for employers to participate in the old, lower deductible, and lower co-pay plans.  The result is that patients will bear more of the cost of their own treatment, and as Dr. Gruber says, they won’t like it, but there’s really not much we can do about it.

The dirty little secret is that all this was planned – in the full video you will see the term “accountable patient” used by the questioner.  This refers to a patient who only uses the minimum amount of health care.  Patients are intentionally made accountable under ObamaCare by increasing their costs so they will make the decision not to overuse health care.

This intentional increase in patient costs runs contrary to what we were told by President Obama – i.e. that costs would fall by about $2500 per family – and reveals yet another  failure to tell the American people the truth of what they would face under  the new system.  Of course, now that we have Dr. Gruber saying that “lack of transparency was a huge advantage” in getting the law passed, these failures to tell the truth look more and more intentional.

By the way, in the December 9, 2014, House hearing, Dr. Gruber was asked whether any White House employee ever asked him to purposely make the language or process of the law confusing so that it would not be understood by legislators or the Public.  Dr. Gruber’s response surprised me.  Instead of saying categorically “No,” he thought about it for a few seconds, and then responded, twice, that he just couldn’t recall whether he had been asked to do that.  That sounds to me like a tacit admission.

Anyway here is the full YouTube clip of Dr. Gruber explaining how high patient costs are coming under ObamaCare.



Hope you enjoyed it.  I’ll be back soon with even more original video clips.  I’m not sure why the media haven’t picked these up – I’ve tried, but they just seem to want to protect this administration and it’s “signature” healthcare law.  You can see them all posted to my YouTube channel – JohnnyTucson- yes I’m from Tucson – which explains why I always say …


the sceptic


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