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Defund Obamacare

September 19, 2013

There are a lot of political careers in the balance as the argument about defunding ObamaCare proceeds. To average Americans, this positioning of the Republican Party means little to nothing. However, there is still an excellent reason to push for defunding ObamaCare – it sends a message to politicians that they are being watched – that we, the American People, are paying attention, and we know that this “trainwreck” of a law is not in our best interests.

Already, the surge of Public opinion on this issue has changed the landscape, and the House will now almost certainly vote to defund. If we continue to push, we may even get a few Democratic votes, and a new conversation might start to emerge about what path we truly want to follow in our quest for better health care.

So, I urge you to sign into

and SIGN THE PETITION – even if you don’t particularly like the Senators behind this, this gives us a shot at getting a better system out of our Congress down the road.

Of course defunding does not solve our health care problems – we still need to modify our health care delivery system to make it more responsive and accessible. But a vote to defund is a good first step because ObamaCare itself makes health care less responsive and less accessible than the system we already have!

This is something most people did not realize in the run up to the vote on this bill. Many people were reluctant to believe their Government would actually reduce health care access for most Americans for the illusion of “fairness.” The real shame of all this is that now the Congressional Budget Office estimates that, even after implementation, ObamaCare will still leave 30 million folks uninsured for at least the next ten years! This is a true lose-lose proposition – your health care will be degraded, AND hardly anyone will be helped! A recent independent study shows that ObamaCare vs. no ObamaCare makes a difference of less than two million more folks insured. Whatever happened to the coverage of 40 million uninsured that we were promised?

Honestly, there are any number of ways to do better than this at far less disruption and cost – any group of savvy professionals could propose a better plan – one that would not destroy jobs and hiring, or discourage Doctors from staying in practice.

Oh, and about the Administration’s noise that it would be wrong to defund a program that was “duly passed” into Law, please remember that when Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, Mr. Obama lost his 60 vote majority in the Senate. In fact, a very, very, Democratic Massachusetts expressly elected Brown precisely to vote against ObamaCare.

This meant that Congress could not amend the bill to make the Senate and House versions match because it would fail a Senate vote. So the Administration did something that was totally unprecedented. They “passed” this Leviathan bill that will impact all our lives using “reconciliation” – a procedure that allows a 51-vote majority to prevail in order to avoid funding lapses for WELL-ESTABLISHED programs that have already passed Congressional muster. This procedure had never been used for such a new and vast program. In fact, if you look hard, you might find video of Mr. Obama himself saying that health care reform can only be passed with 60 votes. Actually my old link of this video has suspiciously been scrubbed from the net, but I have found the audio of it here (I guess I better archive it)

Therefore, I do not recognize this law as having been “duly passed.” I view it as having been forced on the American People using unscrupulous methods. Anything we can legally do to rid ourselves of this nightmare is legitimate and just.

Again, I urge you to sign into

And sign the petition.

Thanks for reading and good luck to us all.

The Sceptic


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