President Obama’s Partner

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I suppose you know by now that when Mr. Obama addressed the assembled clergy August 20, he told them “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”  A statement that, if uttered by George Bush, would have gone ’round the world for many many news cycles!

So…. I guess everyone was wrong about “Death Panels.”  It’s actually more like just a limited partnership between President Obama and God.  I only hope that God understands that he is the junior partner!

But seriously, my jaw dropped when I heard this quote.  It was like -“OK  NOW you are scaring me!  When they are desperately trying to allay people’s fears about potential Government intrusion into doctor-patient decisions regarding life-sustaining or life-prolonging health care, I would think the last thing the Administration would want to imply is that the Government and its bureaucracies will play a God-like role in providing health care to citizens.  Is it just me or is that the absolute stupidest thing anyone has said yet in trying to sell the reform plan?  Maybe this is what happens to your brain when you have prolonged contact with Joe Biden – lol.

To my mind, Mr. Obama has no one but himself to blame for the difficulty he is having in getting his health care program accepted.  He has bungled this from the beginning – suppressing opposing voices at first – dismissing people’s understandable fears  as “chatter” and telling folks to “get out of the way.”  There was an arrogance to the whole process that smacked of authoritarianism and top-down dictation of a fait accompli.  Now he is still bungling – this whole business about dropping the “public option” is a total loser – at a time when the opposition is becoming increasingly energized and confident, he drops the main banner around which he could rally his troops.  All he accomplished is to dispirit and confuse his own followers. 

Not that I’m complaining – I think HR 3200 is tremendously bad legislation and it needs to go down for the good of all – but what we have seen from this Administration  has been pure “amateur night” stuff.  I think they are barely competent and have truly lost their voice to the point where they are bordering on incoherence (wee-wee-dee-cee) – hmmm… sort of reminds me of the Bush Administration after all – lol.  

The skeptic


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